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I belong to a small town MAWANA situated in Meerut, UP, India. Here are some facts about Mawana.


The municipal town of Mawana ( the headquarters of the north-eastern tahsil of the district) lies in Latitude 29 degree 6' N and Logitude 77 degree 56'E ,and is 26 Kms from Meerut with which it is connected by metalled road. Other roads lead to Hastinapur, Parichhatgarh, Phalauda and Bahasuma. This place is also called Mawana Kalan to distinguish it from Mawana Khurd, a village lying 6 Kms to the west. Local tradition has it that the place was originally called Mawana after Mana, a huntsman and a reputed servant of the Kauravas (of Mahabharata fame). According to another account it was one of the gates of the ancient city of Hastinapur and was known as Muhana (gate) - a name that subsequently became Mawana. There is hillock close by which is said to be the original site of the village. Owing to the breaking out of fires, which the inhabitants ascribed to supernatural agencies, the old site was abandoned and the people settled down here.

It is munispality city, for administarive purpose it is divided into 16 wards. According to census-1991 the population of this city is 51700 and area is 4 square kms. There are Post & Telegraph Office, Telephone Exchange, Thana, Junior School, Primary Schools, Degree College, Inter College, Hospital, Phc's and Inspection house, Cold Store and various dharmshala and seed stores are in Mawana. A famous sugar factory is located here which is on third number in India. It is an important sugar-producing centre. It is also known for its handloom industry.

There is an old pakka tank here on the Bahsuma road which was constructed by one Kesho Das of Jansath and is now in a dilapidated condition. There also exist the ruins of another tank the Jaddi on the edge of which stands a fine Shiva temple built more than 350 years ago, which is also in a dilapidated condition. In spite of this there are 17 temples, 21 mosque, 3 Imambara , 2 ponds, one Gurudwara, one Ashok Tower, One Madarsa, One Sulphur Factory, Chauhano ki chaupal, Jaiss Club, Cinema halls at Mawana.

According to Census-1991 the population of Mawana Block is 120274 and area is 216.5 square kms. And nine Naya panchayats , 50 gram sabha are there.



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